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Howdy! I'm Marc, a software developer from Dublin/New Ross (Wexford!), welcome to my blog.

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Date Title
2020/02 DS&A #10: Quick Sort
2020/01 DS&A #9: Merge Sort (And a happy new year!)
2019/12 DS&A #8: Insertion Sort
2019/11 DS&A #7: Selection Sort
2019/10 DS&A #6: Bubble Sort
2019/09 How to (begin) debug(ging ) a back-end problem
2019/08 DS&A #5: Sets
2019/07 DS&A #4: Queues
2019/06 DS&A #3: Stacks
2019/05 DS&A #2: Linked Lists
2019/04 DS&A #1: Basics and Intro
2019/03 Coffee For Coders
2019/02 Misc stuff College generally won't teach you
2019/01 2018 Retrospective and "2019 goals"
2018/12 Cool programmer stuff you'll probably like
2018/12 My old CV's - Learn from my mistakes!
2018/11 Why you should build your own (technical) blog instead of using existing blog hosting solutions
2018/10 Type Erasure - Why you can't create generic arrays in Java
2018/10 List #2 : Programming music
2018/09 Misc Rails tips for CKEditor (I hate .gemspec files)
2018/08 Encroaching Death 360's ACTUAL first release!
2018/08 Adding a new PostgreSQL table to your Rails app. And a few PostgreSQL tips
2018/07 SQL query basics!
2018/07 Reading JSON Data in Java
2018/07 Java Spring CRUD app basics in Springy... Summer?
2018/06 An excellent laptop. Possibly one of the best investments you can make
2018/05 What should you look for in a job?
2018/04 Navigating your way in software social groups
2018/03 2018 Goals and a 2017 Retrospective
2018/02 Effective Java 2 Review
2018/01 Side Projects - Types
2017/12 Zombie Augmented Reality game "Encroaching Death 360" finally (kinda) released!
2017/11 Encroaching Death 360 Privacy Policy
2017/11 How I'm Learning Unity - And some "bug" examples
2017/11 Zombie game november update
2017/10 Blog update and redesign
2017/10 Java and you - The sequel to the blockbusting high-stakes, edge of your seat, trilogy.
2017/10 404 (The event not the status error)
2017/09 Introducing... The super secret zombie AR game!
2017/08 "Hello World" in C, but it's 2017
2017/07 An update on some fun things. We have images now.
2017/06 Rotten Alive chapter 3 released!
2017/05 Play Store IP infringement
2017/05 Concatenation in Java
2017/05 Overtime and skipping your lunch break
2017/05 Rotten Alive chapter 2 released!
2017/05 When turning it off and on again actually works
2017/04 List #1 : YouTube for software developers
2017/04 Head First Java review
2017/04 2017 Goals
2017/03 Passing arguments to methods in Java
2017/03 The hard part about side projects
2017/03 Kats Conf 2
2017/03 Introduction and this Blogsite