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Hi, I'm Marc and I develop software.

I create solutions to software problems as my profession and enjoy developing apps as a hobby. I also enjoy weightlifting, going to the cinema and spend far too much time on the internet. This website was created as a place to track my work and served as an exercise in creativity. Feedback and ideas are encouraged and welcome. You can find my CV by clicking here.




I've worked with many programming languages over the course of almost a decade now. My go-to language of choice is Java, which I am continuously working on my skills in. When developing web applications, I tend to rely on my skills in Ruby on Rails. I also work a lot with Android in my spare time, largely because I enjoy being the end-user reach that the Android platform provides. I have worked with Grails, PHP, JavaScript, Gosu, Python and a myriad of technologies.
On the non-technical side of things, I enjoy keeping fit and listening to podcasts. I play videogames (Currently Street Fighter 5. I am a master Zangief player and rightfully feared in the office) and absolutely adore any kind of zombie-related media. Videogames, TV shows, books, assorted junk, it does not matter! If it includes zombies I'm all over it like peanut on butter. I also collect, assemble and paint Warhammer models when the mood takes me. Don't act surprised, you know the programmer demograph...
Other than that, I haven't much left to say about myself. If you'd like to get in contact, my email can be found below by clicking on "contact me" ( My github can also be found below, as can my LinkedIn profile and Play Store account. I currently have an ongoing project on the Play Store (You've guessed it - Zombies) that I'll be adding more to once this website goes live. If you have any feedback for it, please leave me a review. I'd appreciate it :)