2017/03 - Introduction and this Blogsite

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

As mentioned in the introduction on the main website, this blogsite is used to detail my projects and served as an interesting Rails 5 project.

This website began with me following this video tutorial on youtube.

And eventually branched off into it's own project. For anyone wishing to create their own single-page website and blog, I highly recommend it.

This blogsite uses active admin, bootstrap and a few other gems mentioned in the video. In order to go beyond this tutorial and learn more by myself, I learned how to use ckeditor and PostgreSQL ( And spent many evenings doing so trimming the bugs :) ).

At this time of writing, this blogsite is hosted on heroku under the URL "https://blooming-harbor-29656.herokuapp.com/". It will soon be hosted on Digital Ocean and (hopefully) be found under the domain "https://marclaffan.com". This blog will detail my crazy adventures through software development and likely a few things about myself that I think will help with peoples soft skills.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do B)