2017/10 - 404 (The event not the status error)


404 was a fantastic event, with a VERY varied set of speakers. I managed to sit-in for almost all of the entirety of the main talks from speakers and lightning talks from local tech meetup representatives, then followed up the last of the speakers with a fantastic "nerd-disco" (Wine and Cello's featured, along with 80s and 90s nostalgia. Don't ask).


Algorithm Art - Katharine Jarmul

Katherine presented us with a "through the ages" of algorithmic art. It turns out that computers can generate some pretty sick art these days, and we got a look at what they could do decades ago too. Pretty neat presentation and definitely worth checking out for the novelty of variation, especially if you're not a front-end person.

Technologies mentioned/used:



Gamification: And How It Applies To You - Maria Hyland

Maria from IBM presented us a gamification-slant on security, with a variety of different ways that companies can improve theirs. My favourite was the "Red vs Blue" team competitions where teams tried to break their own (Or the other teams) projects. She brought along a Hackable City that I unfortunately didn't have the time to see, but it sounded pretty cool if you were an Aliens fan.


Pentesting ChatOps - Melanie Rieback

Melanie owns Radically open security and uses a software similar to/based on Slack called "RocketChat". Her company is a security consultancy penetration testing "Online company",, where their rocket chat-chatroom acts as their office.

Customers can see everything if invited, giving them quite a bit of transparency and Rocket chat also acts as a command line. Seems like it can do a little bit of everything to be honest.


XML Pentest Report Automation

Passive Scanning Tool


How To Be A Web A/V Artist - Ruth John

Ruth basically presented a really cool hobby of hers where you essentially take a library and create graphics form the audio based on its decibel range. Kinda in-line with the algorithmic art talk, but a lot more hands on as Ruth gave us a look at the code itself and how she makes her art. Kinda kicking myself that I didn't nab some of the libraries she mentioned during the talk... Which is why its a good thing Twitter exists and all these people are on it.


Solving Layout Problems With CSS Grid And Friends - Rachel Andrews

Rachel gave a talk about CSS and the challenges facing browsers today as CSS changes. I got quite a few links out of this, so enjoy!


Technologies That Are Going To Affect Our Lives In The Next Decade Are Being Tested And Developed In The Video Game Sphere - Thomas Shaw

Thomas had LOTS to talk about regarding deployment and generally just how containers are better than VMs. His tale of how no-one at an old bank wants to turn off a VM that's been running in the background for years, that no-one knows the purpose of, reminded me of something I heard on Quora before about how someone DID turn off a VM and caused hundreds-of-millions of dollars-worth of damages to the company. Docker containers aren't meant to be run for nearly as long however, so should never have such a problem. You can also augment Docker with Orchestra (Yay!).

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We finished up the night with wine, another cello game-battle (Read more about Joost Van Dongan here) and another trip to the pub! There were plenty of VR projects for display upstairs and about twenty companies recruiting outside the speaking stand, but I spent pretty much all my time at the talks.

It was a loooooooooooooong day of learning, having fun, chatting about tech and drinking. Good stuff!

Oh, and networking I guess.