2018/03 - 2018 Goals and a 2017 Retrospective

2018 didn't take long to arrive, after a preeeeeetty productive 2017. The only goals I didn't manage to hit were:

  1. Reading Head First Design Patterns
  2. Reading the Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding
  3. Some weightlifting goals for my squat and deadlift
  4. Actually getting the OCA certificate

I decided to rectify the lack of reading productivity with a 2018 goal... One pomodoro a day! So far I have finished Scala For The Impatient and am working on Crack The Coding Interview. My undergrad did not cover as many Computer Science concepts as I would have liked, so CTCI will be a welcome addition to my toolset. My weightlifting goals could not be helped because, as I am a pretty tall and kinda skinny dude, my back just isn't meant to lift heavy weight from the ground that easily. I also have a pretty weak core according to my physio, so I am currently seeing what other exercises I can do to strengthen my back before continuing with this honestly vain endeavour. The OCA exam slipped by the wayside as I ran out of training days in work, which I should be able to rectify this year.

In more positive news, here is what went well:

So, things are shaping up pretty nicely one might say. What goals should 2018 hit then? So far I am going with:



I've learned that goal-setting is not as effective as system-building. By that I mean that doing something consistently every day to reach a goal, even if it is a small amount of effort, is a much better predictor of hitting that goal than simply going all-out on one task at a time. Let's see how doing one pomodoro every single day pans out! I also originally planned to start a YouTube channel this year, but I honestly have far too much to do already. If I manage to get everything done before the end of the year, I'll likely start one. I am absolutely not going to underestimate the time it takes to finish/work on a side project, so that's a big if.

Happy 2018 folks!