2018/12 - My old CV's - Learn from my mistakes!

Hi folks,

I've made quite a few blunders on my CV's over the years, so I figured I'd try to help out folks before they made the same (And in some cases obvious) mistakes that I made. There were plenty of problems, particularly with my earlier CV's, so hopefully someone out there learns what NOT to do at the very least! I also have some tips on what I've learned from others, and general feedback that I've gotten from folks online, as well as offline. If this helps you (Or you get a laugh out of it), drop me a line! In some cases the order of events might not make sense as I describe them, this is because for some CV's I could only get my hands on one copy. For example the first CV was used to get me my first internship at Sonru, to which I added the experience to my CV right after finishing said internship. Little changes like that might throw you off, but just ignore them.

CV #1 - That got me my first job and my first internship (Somehow). I was pretty new to professionalism in general:


In general, this is just a really bad CV:


CV #2 - That ended up getting refactored into CV 3:


A good bit better than the previous one, but still plenty of improvements to be made:


CV #3 - That got me into my University College Dublin:

You might have noticed that this version is muuuuuch better than the previous two. That's largely due to help I received from my sisters partner, who has more job experience than I do. This one was the first CV I actually had that I thought was pretty damn good:


CV #4 - My current CV:

My current (as of August) and (so far) best attempt at a CV. I would have saved a lot of time/effort by simply using my college and Universities careers resources, or just hiring someone to write my CV for me:


I often update my CV with technologies that I'm using in a position when I'm learning/using them, as I think it's a bad idea to wait until you're looking for a new position to so. If you wait until it's time to move on, you will almost certainly forget some of them even if you're perfectly capable of remember how to use them in a few hours. Always try to keep your CV up-to-date, emphasize experience, save your hobbies/interests for culture-fit interviews, check your formatting and spelling, and you should be good to go!


Good luck!