2018/12 - Cool programmer stuff you'll probably like

Hi folks,


This is a short-enough post about a few resources/intricacies that migh be of interest to the average developer:

DevelEire: An Irish software developers subreddit. This is right up there with the Irish Tech Slack channel for useful dev info that's specific to Ireland.

Hacker news: A very famous, yet simpliefied, forum for software developers. You might have already heard of this one, but if you haven't it's a real gem.

The Tech Lead: A YouTube channel from a former Google tech lead. he can be a bit arrogant at times, but it's easier to give him the benefit of the doubt since 90% of his content is hilarious sarcasm. I'd recommend watching the video on his life story for some nuggets of wisdom.

Indie Hackers Podcast: For those who love creating side projects.

The Big O cheatsheet: A straightforward explanation of Big O theory. Great to know for efficient code.

Paul Grahams articles: Articles and thoughts from the Y Combinator co-founder. Plenty of wisdom can be found here, and not all of it related to software!

Recommender Systems list: A big ole' list of existing recommender system resources. If you're a fan of recommender systems (Like me), check it out (Also it might be worth buying this book if you want to make a career out of recommender systems).

Soft Skills Engineering podcast: Podcast for non-technical skills for software developers. Dave and Jamison are hilarious, and they tend to tackle 2-3 questions per episode from how to manage your time in work to how to interview applicants efficiently.


Dublin specific groups:

Dublin Java User Group: Barry Evans (A fairly well-known Java Rockstar) tends to present most often at this group, though there are others too. They cover pretty much anything in the Java ecosystem, from framework-specific features to new (and better) testing frameworks. It'll set you back roughly ten bucks for a seat, but it's always been very organised when I attended. I have always learned something new every time I went!

Functional Kubs: Largely hosted by Jeremie Jost and Máté Marjai, this group is intended for folks interested in functional programming. It's well-run, but the hosts aren't picky about you using a functional programming language for the kata's and tests they provide. You meet up, usually get some free beer and food, then pair up to solve a fun problem. Straight-forward and fun, this is one of my favourite meetup groups in Dublin!


Enjoy the (hopefully) new knowledge!