2019/03 - Coffee For Coders

Hey folks,

I've noticed over the course of several years that almost EVERY SINGLE DEVELOPER I've encountered enjoys a morning cup of coffee. I gone through quite a few cups in my time, so I figured I'd give my take on everyones favourite hot brown liquid!

My own personal take is that one is absolutely fine. Make sure you drink a glass of water ten minutes beforehand (It takes 8-10 minutes for half a pint of water to be absorbed into your system) if you're unsure. Drinking two may lead to several trips to the bathroom over the course of a day, and three is just asking for trouble. As with all things, moderation is key...

For me, one coffee when I get into work is ideal. I sometimes drink more than one, then I'm sleepy and in a slightly worse mood for the rest of the day. So I've recently started drinking tea instead after lunch!

Thanks for reading,