2017/04 - List #1 : YouTube for software developers

Howdy folks! This week I wanted to compile a short list of YouTube subscriptions that I found interesting and helpful. The content covered by these channels varies quite a bit, from technical to... not so technical. They're all related to software development in some format or another however, and I hope to make these kind of lists a long-running series of blog posts. So without further ado and in alphabetical order, the channels:

Android Developers

The Android Developers channel is google's official Android development medium for software developers. It's updated often-ish I guess, if there's an Android conference there could be dozens of videos in a single month featuring the talks. If not, then you could be getting roughly one video a week, so it's kinda inconsistent like that. Literally everything you could imagine to do with Android development can be found on this channel. From event talks to what's new in the latest Android OS, this is THE place for keeping up to speed with Android. If Android development is one of your main platforms, this channel is a must.


Harvard University's YouTube channel holds most of the Computer Science, math-heavy aspects of software development that you'll find on this list. It features lectures from Harvard, as well as one-off videos in specialised subjects such as Caesar ciphers in Python. The lectures are of a very high quality and the content is certainly presented in an easy-to-understand format. You want to know what a world class university is like or just need to delve into CS fundamentals? Look no further.

Eli The Computer Guy

Eli is a very famous Youtube celebrity in the tech circles. He provides viewers with a mix of life advice in the IT industry and does a few technical videos as well. He provides more social commentary than the rest of the channels you'll see on this list, and he injects a bit of humour into his videos. As is typical of the YouTube personality tech channels, you'll also see interviews with people in the industry. It's difficult to pin down exactly what he covers as far as video topics are concerned, for example he has videos that range from hard drives to tech conferences. At close to a million subs, he's got content that will appeal to anyone!


Mattias Petter Johansson (MPJ) is an eccentric Swedish software developer who works for Spotify and has gifted us with the most unique channel on this list. This guy puts a very strange, almost ad-hoc slant on his videos that makes them unintentionally funny and engages the viewer in a way that makes learning Dependency Injection genuinely exciting! He touches largely technical subjects, but also tackles real issues in the software development industry, like how estimates are BS. There are few people who can make technical topics this entertaining, so if there's one channel you subscribe to from this list, let it be this one.

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips is THE hardware channel. If you're a fan of building PC's, Linus Sebastian (Not Torvalds, this guy is actually pretty young!) has you covered. This channel focuses on news, reviews and benchmarks in the PC building community and can show you the latest and greatest tech for your new custom-build gaming PC rig. I'm not a PC person myself (Laptops forever brah) but Linus's content is worth the watch if you want to know how to building your own heatsink. The Linus team also has another channel called Techquickie if you need more hardware news.

Mackenzie Child

Mackenzie actually served as inspiration for the creation of this blog, as he did a twelve-week code projects involving a new project each week. He has a focus on what seems to be graphic design nowadays, but his enthusiasm and proficiency in web developmentis infectious. It is unfortunate that most of his subscribers are interested in his coding tutorials and he has decided to change to graphic design (Perhaps doing both on the one channel or setting up a separate account would have been better?). Regardless, there is still some really good Rails content on this Youtube account.

Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman is a Microsoft-centric software developer. A more accurate description would probably be "developer celebrity", as he's actually quite famous and does many talks on software development, which takes up the majority of his Youtube content. He does Q&A's with a WIDE variety of guests on Hanselminutes (His podcast) although these don't feature on his Youtube account. His videos aren't coding tutorials, moreso a lot of developers talking together about tech topics. He worked for a long time at Microsoft and is definitely one of the more seasoned veterans on this list.

Simple Programmer

Simple Programmer is about as non-technical as you can get for a software development YouTube channel. It's definitely more of a motivational/disciplinary/philosophical slant on software development than anything else. But for me, this is the YouTube channel that really gave my career the kick-in-the-ass it needed. Since I became a regular viewer of John Sonmez's channel and bought his book, I've found that learning about software is more of a marathon than anything else, but that you really have to roll that boulder up the hill before your own traction starts to carry you. He gives really good life advice to developers (Several times a day), although recently he's gone a bit off-the-walls with the content he covers. His "my channel, my rules" approach to video content really gives him a sense of sincerity, however he's not for the easily offended!

Stefan Mischook

Stef is a sage of wisdom. He doesn't dress his videos up to the point of narcissism, fluff them up with  bullcrap, try to avoid technical discussion and knows exactly what he's talking about(I'm looking at you Chris Sean). Stef is an ideal channel for the software developer that dabbles in entrepreneurship, as he's got decades of business experience behind him and it show in his videos. They can be a little dry at times, but he is the kind of person that all software developers should aspire to become. His channel is kind of like a less funny, more business oriented, serious and software development-centered form of Eli's channel.

Y Combinator

Y Combinator's channel largely features interviews with successful entrepreneur's in the tech industry. It's a very Q&A/interview-y channel, with some really good videos from massive names like Zuckerberg or early employees from successful companies like Stripe. Check it out if you're a big fan of hacker news or startups, as there's some really good content in here. I remember finding a talk that Mark Zuckerberg gave in a University before Facebook became the behemoth it is today, so there seems to be at least a few hidden gems on this channel, in addition to the non-hidden ones.


Enjoy and let me know what you think!